Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels are often one of the key components to the styling of a modern new vehicle, These alloys can set the appearance of a new vehicle perfectly, Diamond Cutting can be applied to the full face and the lip of the wheel.

Using state of the art equipment, We are able to Diamond Cut your alloys and restore them back to their former glory. On a closer inspection, your wheels should have very tiny groves which help provide a highly shiny finish to the alloy wheel. This process is longer than power coating as diamond cut wheel repair involves removing a thin layer of the alloy, then it has to be painted in the selected colour and baked in our oven. Once the alloy has dried, it is mounted on a CNC lathe so the diamond cut pattern can be achieved, then lastly it is sprayed with an Acrylic Lacquer to finish the look.

Are there different types?

Yes as their is different types and standards. It is important that you go to a specialist and fully check out that they have the correct equiptment and they give you the correct adivice for the safety of your wheel, Whereas some people in a Van may not have the correct equiptment to do Diamond Cutting.

How many times can it be done?

Depending on the Wheel itself it is usually 1-2 cuts. But if the technician feels that the wheel will be broken or weakend they wont cut the wheel and will advise you a powder coat finish for your Alloy.

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