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We repair scuffed, scratched, curbed and damaged alloy wheels using the latest in alloy wheel repair technology. This is all achieved with our fully mobile alloy wheel refurbishment process, so you can have your alloy wheels repaired at home, work or anywhere that’s convenient for you.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbs

Get your alloy wheels looking new again!

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

If you have scuffed or scraped your wheels, don’t worry, give DSG Smart Repairs a call and we’ll restore them back to new and at an affordable cost. Read on for more info on how we carry out our alloy wheel refurbishment and repairs.

1. We remove the damaged alloy wheels from the vehicle and place the car on axle stands. In our fully equipped vans, we deflate the damaged alloys tyre and break the bead (pushing the tyre back from the alloy a couple of inches) to ensure we can remove all the damage from the outer edge of the alloy. This also means the wheel will be completely keyed for maximum adhesion of the paint/lacquer avoiding flaking paint around the edge of the wheel after a few months.

2. We assess the alloy wheel again for trueness and any safety issues after removing all the traffic film and brake dust.

3. The damage is removed from the alloy using special sanding techniques, fillers (only if necessary) and experience.

4. Once the alloy is damage free, it is then primed and dried using a heat treatment.

5. The basecoat / colour coat is then applied to the alloy, making sure the colour is a perfect match and gently heat treated again.

6. Two coats of durable 2k high gloss lacquer are applied to the wheel to ensure a hard-wearing finish and a deep shine followed by another heat treatment to cure the alloy wheels topcoat.

Finally the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, and the wheels are fitted back to your vehicle.

Done! Your alloy wheel has been restored to factory showroom condition!

A typical alloy wheel refurbishment for a full set of alloys will take one of our experienced technicians approx 2-3 hours from start to finish dependant on the extent of damage to the alloy wheels.


Alloy Wheel Colour Change

As part of our mobile alloy wheel repair service in Manchester, we can also colour change your alloys, and repaint them to a brand new colour. Have you recently purchased a new car but the alloy wheel paint colour just doesn’t do the car justice? Or just fancy changing the colour of your alloy wheels? Whichever colour you want, whether you want gloss black alloy wheels, white alloy wheels, chrome shadow alloy wheels or sparkling glass alloy wheels, DSG Smart Repairs are experts in alloy wheel colour changes!

Most colour changes can be carried out in a day or two, so it will cause the minimum of disruption for you and is a very cost effective way of totally transforming the look of both your alloy wheels and your vehicle.

Diamond Cut Wheel Repairs

Here at DSG Smart Repairs, we offer Diamond cut wheels with at a high standard and a reasonable price.

Diamond cutting is very popular but is a longer to reproduce than a powder coat. Diamond cut wheel repair involves removing a thin layer of the alloy, the wheel can only be cut a certain amount of times as too much alloy will be eventually removed. Not all wheels can be Diamond cut as it depends on the profile of the wheel. The wheel has to be painted first in the selected colour and then baked in an oven.

Once it has dried the wheel is mounted on a CNC (computer numerical control) lathe so that the face of the wheel can be machined to achieve the metallic diamond cut pattern. After the wheel is then sprayed with an Acrylic Lacquer to finish the look. If you are requiring diamond cut wheels then you may be only able to get it cut 1-2 times due to it weakening the alloy.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbs

Get your alloy wheels looking new again!