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Having scratches on your car not only spoils the appearance of your vehicle but will also lower the resale value. If left untreated, scratches to your paintwork could lead to corrosion which can if left untreated eat its way through the metal layer causing a ‘bubble’ effect.


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Car Scratch Repair

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Car Scratch Removal FAQ

As the car scratch removal specialists, DSG Smart Repairs will quickly repair any car scratch, no matter how minor or severe. In the past, all cosmetic repairs and minor accident damage to vehicles were sent to a traditional Bodyshop and could be there for a week or more. That sort of inconvenience is a thing of the past with our SMART repair techniques and tools! With our fully equipped vans, we repair auto paintwork scratches, scuffs, scrapes and dents (not Paintless Dent Removal) on-site and in most cases even the same day.

How Are Scratches Removed?
Our expertly trained mobile car scratch Technician will professionally assess the scratch, and match the paintwork to the manufacturers’ original specification. Once we’re finished removing the scratches you will never know that they even existed!
Why Should I Repair Any Scratches?
How Much Does It Cost?
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